Victoria Gymagic Competitive Team

Competitive team is by invitation only.  It is the pride and joy of Coach Cindy whom recently wonDevelopmental Coach of the Year for the USA!  We have had 17 children on national teams, recently celebrated a GOLD team medal on Double Mini Trampoline at the Loule' Cup in Portugal!  We also enjoyed a Silver medal for the USA at World Games and are one of the premier TnT gyms in the US.  We currently have 9 Elite athletes training at Gymagic and are hoping to send a team to World Age Group Games in 2017!  Dream big and work hard!

Elite Team:  Training 2 mornings per week in addition to 4 evenings.  This is Youth Elite, Junior Elite, Open Elite and Senior Elite levels.  $349 monthly

Senior Team: These kids train 4 days per week & primarily focus on trampoline.  This group is level 8-10.  17 USA National team members have trained at Gymagic and 6 are currently on the EDP national team.  $309

Junior Team: This team trains 3 days per week and are levels 5-7.  Most do all 3 events and our primary focus is to qualify and compete at USA National Championships.  $269

Dream Team: These kids range from 4-9 years in age and are the developmental levels 4 & 5 group at Gymagic.  They do all 3 events and compete thru State.  $169  This is our Local Team for older kids  Ages 9 and Up

Local Team A NEW! group allowing anyone to try select gymnastics! This team ages 4-9 which competes levels 1-2-3-4 through State Championships  $169. Click Here for More information about Local Team

Set your goals, follow your dreams, listen to your heart and don’t let anything stand in your way.
— Brandy Johnson

Krista McNary and Brooke Warzecha are both Elite T&T Gymnasts at Victoria Gymagic, Inc in Victoria, Texas. Out of the Nation, McNary and Warzecha were chosen along with two others to represent the USA in the World Aged Games (WAGs) for 13-14 year old girls.

Warzecha qualified to compete trampoline and synchro on trampoline. Her and synchro partner finished 12th in the world. Warzecha finished her optional (voluntary) routine and scored a personal best and jump time record. Her voluntary score was in the top ten.

 McNary qualified to compete tramoline, synchro, and double mini trampoline. She finished 16th out of 79 competitors on trampoline. McNary placed 16th place in synchro. She also finished 4th in double mini trampoline.

Coach Cindy Seerden was selected as one of the USA coaches to coach trampoline at the World Aged Games.

We are proud of both of them and representing the RED, WHITE, and BLUE. 

To watch the girls compete in synchro click here.