TNT Gymnastic Meets at Victoria Gymagic, Inc


Mobility meets at gymagic 

Victoria Gymagic, Inc is proud and honored to host meets here in Victoria, Texas.

Things you should know about gymagic:

  • Our parking is limited as we have a trampoline park next door. Please park across the street in center's parking lot.

  • NO flash photography will be permitted

  • We post our flight sheets online for our meets, however please do not call or contact Gymagic for flight changes as a parent. You must go through your coach in your participating club to contact us. If google docs isn't pulling up please try using a different browser on your device. Thank you for participating in a Gymagic Meet.

Things to remember about competing 

  • Hair needs to be pulled up and not able to touch any equipment.

  • No hair accessories that will fly or fall off to be worn.

  • No undergarments showing to avoid deductions

  • Clean white trampoline shoes

  • Gymagic approved uniform must be worn to compete in.

  • Athletic tape or brace worn on injury must be skin color

  • Wear solid black leggings and Gymagic jacket

  • No food or parents in staging area

  • Label all your items, everything your child wears or brings needs to have a name or initials.

Gymagic Meet Schedule and Dates

Gymagic fall eligibility meet

October 6th, 2018


Gymagic moostache invitational

November 2-3rd, 2018 

Gymagic's Annual Mini Meet

Lets highlight the season with gymagic's mini meet!

At the end of the season (in May) all recreational students are invited to do the Mini meet which is an audition for a spot on one of our competitive teams.  

Annual Gymagic mini meet will be in May 2019

Past Gymagic Meets

September 23rd, 2017

November 4th, 2017