battle of the gyms

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Teams of 4 kids, boys or girls, top 2 scores count.  If a team has only 3, top 2 count,  if a team has just 2, both count.  Must wear the same color shirt is the only uniform requirement at the moment.  A club can enter more than one team.  Each team needs to bring at least 2 stop watches.

Entry:  $10 per competitor.  Each team must provide at least 2 counters to help time and count.  Entry is due 2 weeks before and is non refundable or transferable.  $5.00 per competitor for late entries

Don't have a team for the event? Sign up below and Gymagic will place you on a team for KidsFit: Battle of  the Gyms

Admission:  $1 per spectator age 5 and up

Dates:  October 8, 2017host Gymagic

            December 3, 2017host FSU

            January 28, 2018host 302

            March 4, 2018 host Gymagic

            April 29, 2018 host FSU

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Awards:  A traveling trophy will go to the top team- this trophy is to be brought to the next event and presented to the top team there (if different) and so on.  Each competitor in thetop 3 teams will be recognized.  “Top Dog” or 1st place award will be done in each overall category.  Each team will pay 1\3 of the trophy cost initially. 


Entry:  Please use the Excel spreadsheet to send in entries.  Gymagic’s email is   Cindy’s cell is 361-655-516 and Nicki Lowry’s cell is 361-446-4494 for questions, etc.

Teams will rotate together, as of 8\14 no age groups or gender requirements are set.  As competitions grow, we will divide as we all see as appropriate.   I. E. 50% boys, 50% girls,  Ages 10 under, 11 over, etc.                                                                              

Items that will be tested for the next 5 battles

1.     Sit ups: Timed for 30 seconds.  Start laying down.  Counts when elbows touch the knees and shoulders must return to the floor.

2.    Pull ups:  Timed for 30 seconds.  Minimal swing allowed.  Hands over bar.  Chin must touch the bar to count. 

3.    Burpee:  Timed 30 seconds.  Starts by dropping to push up position, do push up, jump to stretch arms must go overhead (this is where counter says #1)  , drop back to push up, etc.

4.    Handstand hold against the wall.  60 second maximum.  If a competitor comes down at 25.47 that is their score.  Top 2 count

5.    Jump Rope:  Timed 60 seconds- singles only. 

6.    Switch change lounges:  Time 30 seconds.  Must go down to 2-3” from the floor with the back knee.  Does not count if knee bounces from the floor. 

7.    Push ups:  Timed 30 seconds.  Cricket or open elbowed both count.  Chin must touch a fist of counter.  No bellies touch floor to count.

8.    Rope Climb:  Timed 30 seconds.  Must touch the top or ring the bell, may do multiple times if fast enough.  Score would be .5 for half way up.  1.75 for 1 and 3\4’s of the way up, etc. 

9.    Heel Raisers:  Timed 30 seconds,  done on a stall bar or box where heels can dip below.  Must return to maximum ankle height on extension to count.  Counts at the top.

10.  Pike seat and reach stretch.  Best reach of 2 counts.  Seated with feet against a box.  Tape a ruler to the edge.  With knees straight lean forward and stretch to the maximum point.  Score would be the farthest away over 2 tries.  I.E.  5.75” or 6.25” etc.