Out of town meets for Victoria Gymagic Team 

Gymagic Competitive teams compete both Nationally and International meets. We are very proud of the work our team puts in to compete at each meet we attend. From Dallas to Belarus we are dedicated to not just win a medal, but to teach personal growth and character. 

Remember to arrive 30 minutes to competition area before each flight. USAG's rules state they can run 30 minutes early.

Things to remember about competing 

  • Hair needs to be pulled up and not able to touch any equipment.

  • No hair accessories that will fly or fall off to be worn.

  • No undergarments showing to avoid deductions

  • Clean white trampoline shoes

  • Gymagic approved uniform must be worn to compete in.

  • Athletic tape or brace worn on injury must be skin color

  • Wear solid black leggings and Gymagic jacket

  • No food or parents in staging area

  • Label all your items, everything your child wears or brings needs to have a name or initials.


January 18th-20th, 2019: Dallas Cup Allen, TX

Feb.28th, 2019: VIP CLASSIC Winter classic- Indiana

March 3-4, 2019:  ROck N Roll INVITATIONAL powerhouse levels 1-4

March 23rd, 2019-  March Madness Invitational ATB, League City Levels 5-9

April 5-7th, 2019:  State Championships- 

May 4th-6th: Region 3 championships Lubbock, Texas

May TBD: elite challenge Level 10 & Up

July 2-8, 2019 USA Gymnastics Championships Level 8 & UP

Juy 19th-22nd, 2019: Stars and Stripes championship, Palm Springs, FL level 5-7

Past out of town meet results

January 18th-21st: Dallas Cup Allen, TX

February 2-4th:  Houston National Invitational

April 6-8th 2018:  State Championships- 

May 4th-6th 2018: Region 3 championships

Stars and Stripes championship 2018

July 3-8, 2018 USA Gymnastics Championships Greensboro, N.C