Preschool classes are fun and interesting!  They also help young children develop balance, strength, and confidence. 

We teach tumbling and trampoline, but our preschoolers also need to play!  They run obstacle courses, learn to fall into our foam pit, slide down our slide, climb on our bars and climbing wall, and jump on our Jumperoo.  We like to keep your little ones busy and active!  Do you want to play along?  Try Baby Beetle Bugs for our very youngest gymnasts.  Parents are welcome in the preschool gym for this class, and we'll show you all kinds of fun games to play with your little ones!

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If you have a child between the ages of 10 months to five, try a class in our brand-new preschool facility.

In each class your preschool will learn



Preschool classes will get to stretch, twist and tumble around coordination drills, motion activities, and fundamental preschool gymnastics skills. Tumbling skills include; forward roll, backward roll, straddle roll, handstand, cartwheel, and the balance beam. We also teach our small gymnast on the trampoline and teach skills such as; tuck jump, straddle jump, pike jump, seat drop, doggie drop, tummy drop, and combinations.


We mix gymnastics with fun ways to promote learning such as counting, reading letters, and numbers. Our preschool classes encourage imaginative play and interactive fun.

Our student to teacher ratio is:

Baby Beetle Bugs with Parent helper:  6 to 1

Tadpoles (Age 2):  4 to 1

Monkeys (Age 3): 5 to 1

Tigers (Age 4 & 5) 6 to 1



One 45-minute class per week $82.00/month

Two 45-minute classes per week $129.00/month

Missed a class? We do make up classes on the LAST Friday of the month from 4:15- 4:45 p.m. Call to reserve your spot 361-578-4272**

Classes are offered Mondays through Friday, but two days a week is the most popular choice for this age group.

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