Come and watch your child take flight on a trampoline and learn to tumble!  Always exciting, these classes take place in the main gymnasium and involve running, stretching, and skills training.  our Coaches will make sure your athlete is learning, progressing, and having a good time!


1 hour per week $81.00/month

2 hours per week $129.00/month


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TRAMPOLINE AND TUMBLING (TNT) classes teach the following trampoline and tumbling skills: Forward roll, Backward roll, Straddle roll, Bridge, Bridge kickover, Cartwheel, Roundoff, Flip-flip, Handstand, and a Handstand front roll.

On the trampoline, our recreational students learn:Tuck/straddle/pike jumps, Seat/doggie/tummy combinations, Straight jumps, Doggie flips, and Backdrop pullovers.

Missed a class? We do make up classes on the LAST Friday of the month from

5:45- 6:45 p.m.Call to reserve your spot 361578-4272.


At the end of the season        (in May) all recreational students are invited to do the Mini meet which is an audition for a spot on one of our competitive teams.

Click here for Mini Meet details